Beneficiary Management IN CFMS


The ‘Beneficiary Management’ application facilitates creation, add and change of beneficiary details automatically, on approval by the DDO. It saves time and resources of the department. The process-flow of the functionality is narrated below.

Beneficiary Management’ Menu consists of the following two processes

a.) New Beneficiary Code creation (Create New Beneficiary Request); 

b.) Beneficiary master data changes, which includes name corrections, Bank Account No. / AADHAAR / TAN / PAN / GSTIN addition and corrections, etc. (Add / Change existing Beneficiary details).

  • The Head of the Office shall configure work-flow and assign roles to the Maker and Checker on each of the said two processes. On configuring work-flow, the authorized User gets the Beneficiary Management Menu with the respective tile, viz., Create New Beneficiary Request; and Add / Change existing Beneficiary details.
  • The Maker selects ‘Beneficiary Management’ Menu; and proposes to create / add / change beneficiary details, as per the requirement; and due validations.
  • The system generates a Unique Request Number and enables / facilitates the Maker to attach required documents and forward the request to the Checker / Submitter, as per pre-defined work-flow. 
  • The Checker (Optional) verifies and forwards the same to the Submitter, for approval. The proposal moves to the mapped Submitter with the role as per work-flow configured by the Head of the Office.
  • After scrutiny, the Submitter approves the request. Thereby the Beneficiary Code is assigned or changes are updated automatically. 
  • The Submitter may send back the request with due observations to the Checker of the proposal or Return to the maker as well. 
  • All (*) fields are mandatory. 
  • The Users of the Department will be facilitated with Beneficiary Request Details Report, to know the status of the proposal. 

Process-flow mechanism along with Snapshots is shown hereunder:-

a.) Creation of New Beneficiary:-

 DDO - Maker (Mandatory):-

DDO - Submitter (Mandatory):-

b.) Add (Bank A/c No. / GSTIN / AADHAAR / PAN / TAN) to the existing Beneficiary:- 

DDO - Maker (Mandatory):-

DDO - Checker (Optional):

DDO - Submitter (Mandatory):-

c.) Change (Name / Bank A/c No. / GSTIN / AADHAAR / PAN / TAN) to the existing Benf:- 

DDO - Maker (Mandatory):- 

DDO - Checker (Optional):-

DDO - Submitter (Mandatory):-

here is user Manuel

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