New changes in death certification of pensioner

 The government has given an important update regarding the YSR pension grant. After the death of a pensioner, some important changes have taken place in the matter of death certification. Death verification which was earlier limited to WEA/WWDS in Secretariats is now mandatory for approval by PS/WAS.

The state government is releasing an average of 64 lakh pension cash every month, of which more than 99% is being received by the cash pensioners. The details of non-cash pensioners have to be entered in the mobile application every month. Every month after the distribution of pension, if the pensioner dies and does not receive the pension, their details are entered in the mobile application by WEA in the villages and WWDS in the ward.

It is well known that Panchayat Secretaries in rural areas issue official death certificates similarly Municipal Commissioner Offices in urban areas issue death certificates. Some changes have been made in the verification procedure for the proper functioning of the death verification of the pensioner.

Order of death confirmation

  • First, immediately after the death of the pensioner, WEA / WWDS will be given an option in the SS PENSION portal to DEATH CAPTURE them. WEA / WWDS have option to do Death Capture in mobile application along with portal.
  • Applications made by WEA / WWDS on Death Capture in SS PENSION Portal and Mobile Application will be forwarded to SS PENSION Portal login of the respective PS / WAS.
  • PS / WAS have to approve the Death Capture applications through OTP. Only mobile number given in Profile section of SS Pension portal will get OTP. Link to Aadhaar but not to mobile number.
  • PS / WAS Pensioners who have approved Death Capture in their login before 19th of every month, pension cash will stop from the next month. The 19th is not a common holiday/Sunday though.

PS / WAS will send their login details to their MPDO / MC. Panchayat Secretaries and Ward Admin Secretary have to follow the above rules. MPDO / MC shall monitor the status regarding death verification from time to time and inform the concerned PS / WAS. Report option for death verification is available in MPDO / MC's login.

PS / WAS Login Details 

LOGIN ID :: "Secretariat-code"PS/WS

E.g.::  10400123PS/210400123WS

SS Pension Portal Link  ==> CLICK HERE


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