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Understanding the Significance of Adangal:

Adangal, also recognized as Pahani, stands as a pivotal revenue record in the context of land ownership and transactions. This official document meticulously encapsulates crucial details pertaining to land parcels, ranging from their geographical location to intricate aspects like soil quality and crop cultivation history. Let's delve deeper into the importance and accessibility of Adangal, along with the steps to obtain it online.

Importance of Adangal:

Adangal serves as a cornerstone document ensuring transparency and legality in land-related affairs. By furnishing comprehensive information about land parcels, it not only aids in verifying ownership but also plays a crucial role in safeguarding against potential legal and financial complications. From aiding buyers in assessing property authenticity to assisting government authorities in revenue collection, Adangal's utility spans across various sectors.

Understanding Adangal's Contents:

The detailed contents of Adangal are vast and multifaceted. It includes:

  • Survey Number and Boundaries: Precise demarcation of the land parcel's boundaries along with its unique survey number.
  • Ownership Details: Information regarding the current landholder, outlining the nature of ownership.
  • Land Classification: Categorization of land based on its utility, such as residential, commercial, or agricultural.
  • Tenancy and Liabilities: Details regarding any existing tenancy agreements and associated liabilities.
  • Soil Type and Crop Cultivation: Insights into the soil quality and historical data of crops cultivated on the land.
  • Taxation and Encumbrances: Information regarding tax assessments and any encumbrances affecting the property's title.

Where Adangal Holds Relevance:

Primarily utilized in southern states of India, Adangal plays a pivotal role in land documentation and governance. Its significance extends to various stakeholders, including buyers, landowners, farmers, and government authorities. Whether it's facilitating seamless land transactions or aiding in agricultural planning, Adangal serves as a cornerstone in land-related decision-making processes.

Obtaining Adangal Online:

The advent of digitalization has revolutionized the accessibility of Adangal, making it convenient for individuals to obtain land-related information. Here's a step-by-step guide to accessing Adangal online:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Navigate to the official website of your respective state's land records department.

  2. Locate Adangal Option: Look for the Adangal or similar land records option on the website's interface.

  3. Provide Required Information: Fill in the necessary details such as survey number, landholder's name, or any other specified criteria.

  4. Complete Security Verification: Enter the security code or captcha provided to ensure authenticity.

  5. Access Land Details: Upon submission of required information, the specific details pertaining to the land parcel will be displayed on the screen.

State-wise Portals for Adangal Access:

Here are the state-wise portals where Adangal can be accessed online:


In essence, Adangal stands as an indispensable tool in land governance, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and legality in land-related transactions and documentation. Its availability online signifies a significant step towards empowering individuals with easy access to crucial land information, thereby fostering informed decision-making and streamlined processes in the realm of real estate and agriculture. 


Andhra Pradesh: Computerized Adangal    DOWNLOAD

Telangana : Computerized Adangal    DOWNLOAD


Understanding Adangal's Importance

Delving into Adangal's Contents

Where Adangal Holds Relevance:

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtain Adangal Online

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