వైఎస్సార్ చేయూత స్టేటస్  వైఎస్సార్ చేయూత అర్హతలు  వైఎస్సార్ చేయూత application  వైస్సార్ చేయూత  వైఎస్సార్ చేయూత లిస్ట్  వైఎస్సార్ చేయూత పథకం  జగనన్న చేయూత  వైఎస్సార్ చేయూత అర్హతలు pdf

I.                             Title of the Scheme:


The scheme is named as “YSR CHEYUTHA”.


II.               Objective of the Scheme:


The objective of the scheme is to extend financial assistance to the women belonging to BC, SC, ST and Minority Communities who are in the age group of 45 – 60 years (except the women beneficiaries already covered under YSR Pension Kanuka) with a sum of Rs. 75,000/- in four phases (in four years) through various Welfare Corporations. This will create access to enhanced livelihood opportunities, income generation and wealth creation at the household level, on a sustainable basis leading to better standards of living.


III.              Eligibility Criteria for Beneficiaries:


The   following   eligibility   criteria   shall   be   followed    for   identifying   the beneficiaries of the scheme:-


a.           The beneficiary should belong to the BC, SC, ST and Minority Communities, and should not be covered under YSR Pension Kanuka.

b.          The beneficiary must meet the following criteria in order to become eligible for financial assistance under this scheme:-




Family means beneficiary, spouse, dependent Children and any other dependent Members.

Total Family Income

Total family Income should be less than Rs.10,000/- per month in Rural areas and Rs.12,000/- per month in Urban areas.

Total family Land holding

Total land holding of the  family should be less than 3.00  Ac. of Wet (or) 10 Ac. of Dry land (or) 10 Acres of land put together for this purpose.

Government Employee/ Pensioner

No family member should be a Government employee or Government pensioner. The families of Sanitary  workers are exempted.

Four   Wheeler

Family  should  not own a     four wheeler (Taxis, Tractors, Autos are exempted).

Electricity consumption

Monthly electricity consumption of a family dwelling unit (own/rent) should be less than 300 units.

Income Tax

No family member should be   an income tax payee.

Municipal property

In Municipal areas, a family who owns no property /less  than 1000 sq. feet of built up area (Residential or commercial) is eligible.


45 – 60 Years, as    on the date of the issue of Government Order for the scheme.

Date of Birth     Proof:

1.  Integrated Caste    Certificate (which includes Caste, Date of Birth & Nativity).

2.  Birth Certificate/Xth Marks Sheet.

3.  Voter ID card.


The beneficiary shall submit valid caste certificate and shall furnish details of an unencumbered bank account opened in her name in any of the Scheduled Commercial Banks for crediting the financial assistance.


IV.                      Beneficiary Identification, Approval and Sanction Process:

All eligible beneficiaries under this scheme shall be identified through the following process:-


a)               Identification of the eligible beneficiaries shall be carried out, on the ground level by a door to door survey conducted by the Village Volunteers in villages and Ward Volunteers in ULBs.


b)   The identification of beneficiaries under the scheme is made in a foolproof manner, so as to ensure selection of all the eligible beneficiaries.


c)                                      The   following   data   may   be   captured    as   part   of   the enumeration:-

1.                     Name

2.                     Aadhaar Number of Beneficiary

3.                     Mobile Number of the beneficiary

4.                     Name of the Head of the Family / Spouse

5.                     Aadhaar number of Head of the family /Spouse

6.                     Proof of Caste

7.                     Proof of Date of Birth

8.                     Total Family Income

9.                  Unencumbered    Bank   Account   Number   /   IFSC Code /Bank Name

10.              Copy of Bank Pass Book

11.                Vehicle Number – in case of possession of own four wheelers (other than Taxis, Tractors, Autos)

12.               Details of land holding of family (Nature – Wet/Dry, Extent – in acres)-

13.              Size of Property in Municipal Area (<=1000Sq.ft)

14.            Details       of       employment       in       Government (Salaried/Pensioner)

15.            Details of monthly electricity consumption of family dwelling unit (<=300 units).


d)         The Village / Ward Volunteers shall adhere to the eligibility criteria while identifying the beneficiaries.

e)                     The data can be captured in a mobile app and integrated to the beneficiary identification and monitoring module maintained by the department of Village / Ward Secretariat. 

f)    The list so generated shall be validated by the Welfare Assistant and be published in the respective secretariat for social audit calling for claims and objections giving adequate time for the citizens.

g)             Welfare assistant shall, after carrying out the necessary additions and deletions after the social audit forward the list to the respective MPDO in rural areas/Municipal Commissioner in urban areas for scrutiny. The MPDOs / Municipal Commissioners concerned shall scrutinize the beneficiary lists ,proofs, etc., and then forward to the EDs of BC, SC, ST and Minority Corporations who in turn send it to the respective District Collector for approval.

h)                                                                                                                                                                     The District Collectors shall verify the beneficiary list, approve the same and forwards to respective Departments for sanction of the amount.


i)                                                                        Approved final list shall be displayed in the Village / Ward Secretariat for continuous Social Audit.

 j)                                                                                                      It shall also be noted that the eligibility criteria and the method of applying for the scheme shall be published in the Village / Ward Secretariat to facilitate anyone who fulfills the eligibility criteria to enroll in case her name is missing in the list.

I.                        Payment Through Respective Corporations:


a)   Upon sanction of the amount by Finance department the amount shall be remitted into the unencumbered bank accounts of the beneficiaries.


b)  Upon successful remittance of the amount, SMS shall be sent to the mobile phones of the beneficiaries, intimating them the remittance of the amount.

 c)    Payment Remittance Acknowledgements shall be generated at the Village / Ward Secretariats and the same shall be handed over to the beneficiaries concerned, by the Village / Ward Volunteers concerned along with the message of the Hon’ble Chief Minister in the form of a letter.

II.                      Implementation and Monitoring Mechanism:


Department of PR&RD shall be the implementing and monitoring agency and Department of Village / Ward Secretariat shall take up the identification of the beneficiaries.


a.   Initial data capture shall be carried out in this app / web application, in prescribed screens and specific formats.


b. Subsequent validation by scrutiny by MPDO / Municipal Commissioner/ EDs., BC, SC, ST and Minority Corporations, approvals by the District Collectors and sanction by the respective departments and welfare corporations shall also be carried out electronically, through digital signatures.

c.  Payments are processed by respective departments through the Welfare Corporations and made electronically into the unencumbered bank accounts of the beneficiaries.

d. A.P Centre for Financial Systems and Services (APCFSS) shall provide required technical support in design, development, deployment and maintenance of the software application required for implementation of the scheme.


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