Rice Card Frequently asked Questions - Answers


Q: While printing rice card, it says "Card can't be printed as head of the family is not available". What to do then?

A: The above problem is caused by the fact that after splitting the card, the VRO response is sent to the MRO digital sign without changing the relations in the login. Such cards are not printed. In the volunteer AePDS mobile application, enter the rice card number in the Ekyc section and click on "Change Relationship", give Self to one, then give the relations and click on Go To Ekyc and take the biometric of any person in the family. Then you have to come back once again and enter the rice card number in Ekyc and correct the relations. After doing this for some time (about 2 or 3 days) the card will show print.

Q: After giving a print of the rice card, if the gender or gender is wrongly recorded in it, i.e. female to male, male to female, how should it be corrected?

A: There is no official policy to change the details for those who have the above problem but if you try one way then the gender will definitely change. The thing that must be remembered here is that the gender in rice card is not based on Aadhaar card, so those whose gender is wrongly registered, after checking whether the gender is correct in Aadhaar card, they should enter the eKYC section rice card number in the mobile application AePDS used by the village ward volunteer and enter their biometric. After doing this for several days the gender will change. Then it is enough to take a print of the rice card. Note that this post will be posted after the test is successful.

Q: How to change wrong name in rice card?

A: Although there is no official procedure to change the details of those who have the above problem, they should first change the name in the Aadhaar card in any way, then enter the rice card number in the update eKYC section of the AePDS mobile application available at the volunteer and enter the rice card number of the person whose details are to be changed.

Q: Once the print of the rice card is lost, is it possible to take a print again?

A: Yes, after giving a print once, there is the option of taking a print any number of times. But if the rice card is printed in any secretariat, the digital signature will come from that secretariat.

Q: What is the government fixed charge for card printing?

A: There is no charge for rice card printing as per the existing orders. Just paying the application fee is enough.

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